Sunday, May 15, 2011

Video Game Remix, the introduction.

Video editing is my area, video game remix is my game...

Welcome to my blog! Here you will find the Video Game Remix videos I have made so far. If you liked any of those videos, please follow me here or subscribe on youtube for more!

What is VGR? Just think on someone shooting a Hadouken at someone else or a kart racing which reminds you of a game in real life, that is video game remix. Are you still lost? Then you should check out one of my VGR videos.

I don't own neither I have created any of the sounds, sprites or props shown on the videos from this channel (Except for the ones I have made myself) Neither I have recorded the same videos, the name of those who has recorded them are in the description or in the credits of the video.


  1. Sounds good man, can't wait.

  2. That SF video was hilarious! Keep them coming.

  3. I will be posting new videos, if someone knows how to make embed videos, I would appreciate it!

  4. welcome! i look forward to more of your material!!

  5. I saw the videos, they're all well made, actually you're really good at it, that's why you got so many followers :D congrats man, keep doing it!